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Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman

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Anansi Boys is about a man named Fat Charlie Nancy who meets his brother Spider for the first time after their father dies, and then shenanigans and hijinks ensue. This novel is more of a spiritual successor to American Gods than an actual sequel, so it's best if you don't think of the two as related except for that they both involve pagan gods and mythology; that's about it.

I've heard from people that they like this book better than American Gods and I can see why: it's better written, the plot is tighter and the characters are more vibrant. Unfortunately, while I do think it's a better book, I didn't enjoy it as much. There's something about big stakes like a war between new gods and old gods that really gets me, whereas a man with self-esteem issues and cowardice who overcomes them with the help of his brother doesn't quite.

The tone of Anansi Boys is completely different from American Gods, as well. It's more fun and a bit campy, even though there are some very serious issues and events. I didn't find the climax to be particularly anticlimactic overall, despite its nice build-up.

Gaiman still knocks it out of the ball park though.

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