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Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

Measure for Measure - Jonathan Bate, Eric Rasmussen, William Shakespeare

Note: The review below was taken directly from my Goodreads account.


Measure for Measure is a weird Shakespeare play: there's too much mixing of comedy and serious subject matter that it's hard to pin down exactly what kind of play it is. (No wonder it's called a "problem" play.) It's definitely an interesting look at justice and the way it's meted out. It's not nearly as fun as Shakespeare's comedies, nor as thought-provoking as his tragedies, nor even as entertaining as his histories. It's a little meh overall. (The Bard on the Beach production was very entertaining though, but then again it was transformed into a musical and set in 1900s New Orléans.)

However, the Duke is still an asshole. Isabella, girl, run far away.

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