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American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods - Neil Gaiman

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Warning: There are probably minor spoilers below.



American Gods is about a man, released early from prison due to a tragic accident, who travels across America for work with a strange man. It's about what happens to the gods from the old country when people immigrate to America. It's about what happens when people begin to worship new things and forget what they used to sacrifice to.

I think American Gods is written really well. I liked the story and I liked the characters. I liked that we got gods from multiple corners of the earth: Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, Russian, Native American, Biblical figures and (small appearances of) Chinese and Japanese. Some of the gods I didn't figure out who they were because I didn't really have a drive to Google their description and I am woefully uninformed about a lot of pagan gods.

I like that there is a mystery rooted in the story and I liked that there was a bit of romance too. I liked that tourist attractions were considered holy places and abandoned places were unsettling to the gods. I liked the idea of new, young gods challenging older ones. I liked that there was a twist and I didn't expect it. I liked the ambiguous ending and the resolution of the romance. I liked the supporting characters, especially Samantha Black Crow and her sister Marguerite Olsen.

I just didn't like that the buildup left me with a bit of an anticlimactic end. And that's why I knocked half a star off.

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