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30-Day Book Challenge (Day 15-17)

Day 15

Favourite Male Character

Himura Kenshin (緋村 剣心) from Rurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心) by Watsuki Nobuhiro (和月 伸宏)


Himura Kenshin


Reasons: This one was kind of hard to pick, I'll admit, and I wavered between putting L from Death Note or Sherlock Holmes instead. But I'm putting Kenshin, so I'm sticking with Kenshin. It's always very hard for me to put my favourite any-kind-of character because I don't really separate them into those kinds of categories and I certainly don't separate them into favourites categories either. I'm choosing Kenshin because I've always liked his morals, his stance on violence, his back story (so sad!) and his personality. His humorous bits are just as engaging as his serious bits. He's the kind of man that you can bring home to your parents, but is also a bit of a bad boy/handsome dark stranger. Plus, he's got that whole scar thing going on, and ladies love the scars.



Day 16

Favourite Female Character

Sango (珊瑚) from Inuyasha (犬夜叉) by Takahashi Rumiko (高橋 留美子)




Reasons: This was also hard to pick as well. Other options for me were Lisbeth Salander, Flavia de Luce and Sansa Stark. I like Sango the most out of all the female Inuyasha characters, but that doesn't mean I don't like the other ones (except I'm really not partial to Kikyou at all). I think Sango is really awesome because 1) she fights youkai for a living, 2) tragic past with family issues, 3) adorable nekomata named Kirara, 4) really cool outfit that doesn't oversexualize her too much, 5) really adept with a bunch of weaponry, and 6) look at that cool bone boomerang! She's also really adorable sometimes and Takahashi does such a great job balancing the fact that she's a young woman with a tragic past living in the Sengoku Jidai era and a teenage girl who experiences all the emotions teenage girls do.



(For the favourite characters, I put both manga-then-anime characters because when you're reading about them for hundreds of chapters and 20+ volumes, it's hard not to get a little attached. I think it's also easier for them to make an impression. I do like non-manga characters and characters from stand-alone novels, but I have a terrible time recollecting them when doing these.)



Day 17

Favourite Quote From Your Favourite Book

from Looking for Alaska by John Green




Reasons: While I don't think Looking for Alaska is my favourite book, I do really like this quote. It's a bit pretentious (man, I hate that word; it always seems like people use that word when they don't have better criticisms) for a teenager, but I feel like teenage-me related (with the genders swapped anyway). Either way, I think it's pleasing to the ear when read aloud and in your head, so there you go.

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