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30-Day Book Challenge

So I thought I would participate in this for fun times.



Day 01

Best Book I Read Last Year

A Storm of Swords

George R. R. Martin


A Storm of Swords Mass-Market Paperback


Reasons: Probably because it was book that was the most enjoyable, very well-written, extremely intense and filled with characters I already loved so I didn't have to learn to love new characters.


Day 02

A Book That I've Read More than 3 Times

Battle Royale

Koushun Takami (高見 広春; Takami Koushun)


Battle Royale (English translation)


Reasons: This is one of my favourite books of all time. The world-building is fantastic, the characters are all fleshed out (yes, that includes all of the classmates), the plot progresses at a great pace, the love is believable, the prose and diction are great (and I assume that's even without the translator getting in the way) and the story itself is thrilling. Also one of my favourite movies. I could never get sick of this book.



Even though there's only 9 minutes before October 3, I'll reserve doing Day 03 for later on tomorrow.

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